Wisconsin Show Globe: The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association, 1880-1980

Wisconsin Show Globe: The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association, 1880-1980

Author: Eunice Bonow Bardell
Publisher: Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association
Year Published: 1983
Pages: 294
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Grassroots cooperation among pharmacists has found its most effective expression through state pharmaceutical associations. Most such associations were formed during the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Usually they consisted of an ambitious minority of the “retail druggists” in a state. A pharmacist sensed that his practical interests were not likely to be served most effectively by the kind of urban local associations that had resulted from the earliest attempts by American pharmacists to organize, beginning in the 1820s. It also seemed unlikely that the American Pharmaceutical Association alone, which had been founded in 1852, could deal adequately with such diverse conditions of practice as prevailed among the individual states of the United States of America. The APhA itself recognized the need to organize at the state level and encouraged the founding of state associations wherever and whenever it could.

This movement got well under way during the 1870s, but it was during the 1880s that more than half of the state pharmaceutical associations were founded. As in so many other social and political developments, Wisconsin neither marched in the avant garde nor waited to be last. Wisconsin pharmacists organized in 1880, as did pharmacists in the nearby states of Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas, Now more than a century has passed, which permits some perspective on what the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association has done and has contributed to the life of the state and its pharmacists.

To capture that perspective, the Association was fortunate to find an author as knowledgeable in both pharmacy and history as Eunice Bonow Bardell. The book before us, a systematic and well documented account, tells a great deal that we did not know before about Wisconsin pharmacy through the decades. It will be read with profit and will serve as a durable record of the first century of organized endeavor among Wisconsin’s. pharmacists.

Professor Bardell has to her credit a long series of contributions to the history of pharmacy in this state and country, but none as monumental as her present work, a proverbial labor of love—inspired by her two remarkable mentors, Edward Kremers and George Urdang. The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association itself is to be complimented on its part in bringing her work into print. The Wisconsin Showglobe gracefully reflects the image of what organized pharmacists in the state have been and have become. Moreover, it adds to the mosaic of historical evidence from the states that will permit us to speak more confidently about historical trends in American pharmacy at large. University of Wisconsin

-Glenn Sonnedecker, Edward Kremers Professor, University of Wisconsin

Table of Contents:

Chapter I: Shaping the Association (1875-1900)

2: Milwaukee Pharmacy Act

6: The American Pharmaceutical Association

8: Rock County Pharmaceutical Association

9: WPhA Organizational Meeting

12: First Annual Meeting

14: The Pharmacy Law

15: School of Pharmacy

23: Graduate Study

24: Alternative Pharmacy Training

25: Membership

26: Price Maintenance – Local Associations

27: The National Retail Druggists Association

28: Price Maintenance Plans

29: National Association of Retail Druggists

30: Wisconsin Pharmacal Company

34: Fire Insurance

35: Ladies Auxiliary

39: War Revenue Act

41: Secretary Heimstreet Retires

Chapter II: The Progressive Era (1900-1917)

43: Membership

49: The Itinerant Medicine Vender

53: USP and NF Propaganda Work

56: Price Maintenance Movement

60: Drugstore Management

62: Drug Adulteration

71: School ofPharmacy

76: Pharmaceutical Experiment Station

77: Control of Narcotic Drugs

79: Fire Insurance

82: Druggists’ National Home

84: Historical Drugstore

Chapter III: World War I and a Foretaste of Abundance (1917-1932)

89: World War I

92: Pharmaceutical Experiment Station

93: Pharmacy School

95: Education Requirements for Licensure

99: Queries, Papers, and Preparations

101: Publications of the Association

103: Public Relations

107: Prohibition

113: Drugstore Ownership

116: The Itinerant Medicine Vender

117: Price Maintenance Movement- Fair Trade

120: American Pharmaceutical Association

125: Membership

128: Golden jubilee Convention

Chapter IV: The New Era (1932-1941)

134: Membership

135: District Meetings

136: Drug Institute of America

137: Fair Trade

139: The Drug Show

141: Professional Programs

143: Continuing Education

144: USP and NF Preparations

146: School of Pharmacy

146: American Institute of the History of Pharmacy

147: Dr. Edward Kremers

Chapter V: World War II and the Expansion of the Health Sciences (1941-1958)

152: World War II

161: World War II Memorial

162: Veterans Administration Hometown Pharmacy Services

163: G. I. Bill

164: School of Pharmacy Building

165: School of Pharmacy

168: Continuing Education

168: Scholarship Awards

169: Student Recruitment

170: Student Pharmaceutical Society

173: Internship Program

174: Pharmacy Laws

176: Better Pharmacy Program

179: Dental Pharmacy

182: Hospital Pharmacy

184: Public Relations

186: Membership

188: Revision of Constitution and Bylaws

189: Association’s Services

191: Executive Secretary

193: WPhA Building

Chapter VI: Facing New Challenges (1958-1980)

197: WPhA Building

200: Membership

200: American Pharmaceutical Association Affiliation

202: Project PRN

203: Pharmacist Title

203: Code of Ethics

204: School of Pharmacy

209: Continuing Education

212: Internship Program

215: The Hart Bill

219: Legislative Conference

219: Poison Control and Drug Respect

225: Pharmacy Commemorative Postage Stamp

227: Auxiliary Awards

228: Hubert Humphrey

229: Kerr-Mills Act

231: Medicare and Medicaid

237: Third Party Prescription Programs

237: Centennial Observance

241: Appendix 1 – Roster of Officers and Annual Conventions of the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association, 1880-1980

245: Appendix 2 – Roster of Members of the Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association on December 31, 1980, as published in the Wisconsin Pharmacist 50(1981): 29-41

265: Appendix 3 – Bibliography of Historical Articles published in the Wisconsin Druggist and the Wisconsin Pharmacist

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