Student Recognition Certificate

AIHP Executive Director Gregory Higby awards Student Recognition Certificate to 2015 University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Award Winner Erin McAllister.

Each year the Student Recognition Certificate Program of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy encourages and recognizes historical study and other historical activities among undergraduate pharmacy students. We hope to make some further contribution nationally toward an appreciation of the humanistic side of pharmacy among students entering the profession.

Annually, since the 1968-69 academic year, AIHP has bestowed Certificate of Recognition upon students at schools and colleges of pharmacy from all around the country. We have awarded more than 1,000 AIHP Student Certificates of Recognition, and we invite your school or college of pharmacy to participate in the program.

There is no obligation on the part of schools and colleges of pharmacy, unless they wish to designate a student to receive a Certificate of Recognition from AIHP. The method and basis for selection is left to your judgment, as long as it remains within the general spirit and framework of this project as described below. There is no set deadline for submitting the address of the student selected, so the presentation can be made at a time most appropriate for your school. We look forward to your participation this year and every year that you have a student who merits special recognition, whether through course achievement or other historical activities.

Purpose of Certificate Program: The primary purpose is to recognize and encourage superior achievement in the pharmaco-historical study or activity by a student in each school of pharmacy in the United States that wishes to participate. The basis for awarding a recognition certificate is primarily to recognize the student earning the best record in a course mainly devoted to pharmaceutical history, as judged by the instructor in charge. To accommodate schools that do not offer such a course, the scope of the project includes recognition of a student in a local competition who best carries out some other type of pharmaco-historical activity (e.g. historical essay, collecting books or artifacts for himself or the school, historical photography, historical hobbies, etc.).

Nature of Certificate Program: At a local occasion selected by the faculty member serving as liaison with the AIHP, the school presents, on behalf of AIHP, a certificate recognizing the student’s achievements.  Such an award by the AIHP should supplement any similar award in individual schools, which may be supported in the name of an individual sponsor.

The AIHP Student Certificate Nomination Form (.pdf) should be completed by the authorizing faculty member and returned to the AIHP. Form may be emailed to:; or mailed to:

American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
777 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI  53705

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