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A Collector’s Guide to Prescription Vials and Bottles

1984, 2006, 20 pp

Summary: Pharmacy glassware from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Abstract: The primary sources of information on pharmaceutical glassware are the catalogues of both the glassware manufacturers and the wholesale druggists, as well as the advertising pages of the pharmaceutical journals. Two of the largest such collections are in the Pharmacy Library of the University…

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Carl W. Scheele, Pharmacist-Chemist

1958, 2010, 20 pp

Summary: The life and work of an 18th-century pharmacist who became one of the great chemists of all time. Abstract: On December ninth or nineteenth 1742 - the exact date is disputed - Carl Wilhelm Scheele was born. On the twenty-first of May 1786 he died. Between these dates lies one of the most decisive…

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Drugs and Pharmacy on Stamps

1984, 2006, 55 pp

Summary: The history of pharmacy and materia medica on stamps. Abstract: The profession of pharmacy has a proud heritage, and an unequalled record of service to humanity almost as old as the human race itself. The evolution of this heritage is recorded in philately. Now when the practicing pharmacist dispenses medication, he provides a professional…

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Evolution of the Drug Jar

1974, 2006, 30 pp

Summary: The development of drug containers from ancient to modern times. Abstract: From earliest times, those who prepare and sell drugs have faced the problem of preserving and storing medicines without loss of healing power. The introduction of “remedies” must have resulted from primitive man's instincts for survival; and the introduction of containers to hold…

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From Turlington’s Balsam to Hadacol: The Medicines in Their Bottles

1983, 2010, 31 pp

Summary: A history of patent medicines in America from colonial days to present. Abstract: Here is a rapid romp through the history of patent medicines in American from colonial days through the mid-twentieth century. The focus is not only on the bottles as such, but also on their contents, pharmaceutically and especially psychologically. This interpretation…

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History of the Prescription Bottle

1980, 2010, 40 pp

Summary: History of the prescription bottle from 1800-1950 in the United States. Abstract: This slide talks provides a brief history of the prescription bottle in the United States from 1800 to 1950, from the fragile, free-blown, green glass phials closed with corks at the beginning of the nineteenth century, through the myriad of styles and…

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Medicines in the American Revolutionary Period

1981, 2010, 45 pp

Summary: The story of pharmacy and drugs in colonial and revolutionary America. Abstract: From the time of the first permanent English colony at Jamestown until the end of the Revolutionary War, Americans who needed drugs obtained them from a variety of men engaged to some extent in medical practice, or “physic” as it was then…

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Nineteenth-Century Proprietary Medicine Trade Cards

1988, 2008, 54 pp

Summary: Trade Cards advertising proprietary medicines, late 19th and early 20th centuries. Abstract: Among the largest groups of advertisers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were the manufacturers of proprietary medicines. They heaped praise on their nostrums when newspapers began to carry advertising, and more than one newspaper was able to continue publishing because of…

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Pharmacy and Therapeutics in Caricature

1980, 2010, 27 pp

Summary: How pharmacists and the drugs they dispensed have been caricatured throughout history. Abstract: Along with his professional colleagues - the physician, the surgeon and the dentist - the pharmacist has been an important contributor to the public health for hundreds of years. Because of the way he has practiced his profession, the pharmacist has…

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Pharmacy Through the Ages

1980, 2010, 30 pp

Summary: This visual history traces the evolution of pharmacy practice from the 2nd century until the 1960s, with period paintings, woodcuts, engravings, and photographs. Abstract: This visual history traces the evolution of pharmacy practice from the 2nd century until the 1960s, and features reproductions of 30 period paintings, woodcuts, engravings, and photographs. The exhibition, premiering…

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Powders and Pills of Oldtime Pharmacists

1976, 2010, 39 pp

Summary: The development of various forms of administration of drugs, particularly oral dosage forms such as powders, pills, and capsules. Abstract: Since time began, man has turned to various substances from nature in the hope of curing disease and relieving pain. All of the ways in which medications can be administered make a fascinating story.…

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Representative Hospital Formularies of the 18th and 19th Century

1980, 2010, 21 pp

Summary: The character of earlier-day formularies, international in scope, discussing both the significant and the curious. Abstract: Manuscript hospital formularies which had existed in medieval and early modern hospitals were already commonplace when printed hospital formularies began to appear in western Europe. We cannot say with assurance when or where the first printed hospital formulary…

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Shop Bottles: Another Mirror of the Practice of Pharmacy

1984, 2010, 20 pp

Summary: Shop bottles in 19th-century American pharmacy. Abstract: Shop bottles are generally among the most commonplace of all pharmacy glassware. That may be why they have received little discussion despite being collected widely and having a conspicuous place in pharmacy museums. But the bottles, humble as they are, have much to tell us. Shop bottles,…

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