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About the History of Pharmacy Special Interest Group

The AACP History of Pharmacy Special Interest Group publishes two issues of the newsletter per year. As an open academic forum, the AACP History of Pharmacy Special Interest Group strives to facilitate the exchange of ideas and innovation among pharmacy faculty across disciplines; to serve broadly as an accurate information resource for teaching, learning, and scholarship pertaining to the evolution and history of the pharmacy profession; to develop and maintain historical collections of artifacts and school or college museums; and to ensure the lessons, the message, and the legacy of the pharmacy profession is preserved to educate future generations of pharmacy students. The SIG’s mission rests on the premise that the history and legacy of the pharmacy profession will always be relevant to all pharmacy practice areas, including current and future scopes of practice.

The AACP and the History of Pharmacy Special Interest Group make the .pdf copies of the Pharmacy Chronicles: Past, Present, and Future—History of Pharmacy SIG Newsletter available under a Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs) license.

Researchers and readers are free to download and share the .pdf newsletters for their personal and educational use, providing they give appropriate credit to AACP and the History of Pharmacy Special Interest Group. Users may not use the newsletters or their contents for commercial purposes and may not modify or change the newsletters or their contents.

Download Copies of Pharmacy Chronicles; Past, Present, and Future—History of Pharmacy SIG Newsletter:

Issue #16 (Spring 2024)

Major Articles:

  • Student Pharmacists’ Attitudes Toward Preparation of Herbal Home Remedie, by Tracey L. Mersfelder (p. 5)
  • History of Dextromethorphan, by Sabrina Zheng, Jeffry W. Du, Harry S. Patel, and Jane E. Krause (p. 7)

Issue #12 (Spring 2022) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Show Globes: A Symbol of Pharmacy, by Melanie A. Piercy and Jane E. Krause (p. 6)
  • Armies on Speed: Amphetamine Use in World War II, by Brandee Wright and Victoria Miller (p. 7)
  • The Flower That Bloomed in Adversity: Discovering Digoxin for Dropsy, by Sierra Meyers (p. 8)
  • Soda Fountains, Soda and Their Pharmacist Inventor, by Dana L. Singla (p. 9)
  • Cora Dow: The Leading Lady in Chain Pharmacy in the 19th Century, by Ruchi Vyas (p. 10)
  • Pharmacy Through the Lens of Hollywood V: “The Three Stooges Meet Hercules,” by David M. Baker and Eric C. Nemec (p. 11)

Issue #11 (Fall 2021) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Yellow Fever in Philadelphia in 1793: A Field Trip to the Local Historical Society, by Madeline King (p. 5)
  • Tadeusz Pankiewicz: A Biography of a WWII Pharmacist, by Rachel Buchanan, Robin Tumlinson and Bernie Olin (p. 7)
  • The Paris of the South: Home to the U.S.’s First Licensed Pharmacist & More, by Rebecca Ortega and Victoria Miller (p. 8)
  • From Pharmacist to Vice President — The Lasting Impacts of Hubert H. Humphrey, by Creed Carleton, Harrison Hightower and Bernie R. Olin (p. 9)
  • Ivermectin: A New Meaning to “Horse Pill,” by Mary Douglass Smith and Sara Isler Thomas (p. 10)
  • Pharmacy Through the Lens of Hollywood IV: “Has Anybody Seen My Gal,” by David M. Baker and Uyen N. Busse (p. 11)

Issue #10 (Spring 2021) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Applying Lessons Learned from the History of the Drug Distribution System to the Current Opioid Epidemic, by Madrona Boutros and Kenneth Pawa (p. 6)
  • “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” . . . But Only When Accompanied by a Field Medical Kit, by Megan Undeberg (p. 7)
  • Influenza Pandemic of 1918: Impact, Treatment, and the Response of US Community Pharmacists, by Jane E. Krause, Alicia S. Cheng, Rurie W. Lee, and Holly L. Mason (p. 8)
  • Student Pharmacists’ Impression of Three Pandemics, by Tracey L. Mersfelder (p. 9)
  • Pharmacy Through the Len of Hollwood III: “Happy Land,” by David M. Baker and Aqsa Alam (p. 10)

Issue #9 (Fall 2020) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Hook’s Drug Store Museum, Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, by Jane Krause (p. 5)
  • Wilbur Scoville and His Contributions to Pharmacy, by Paden Smith and Bernie R. Olin (p.7)
  • Tadeusz Pankiewicz: A Pharmacy Hero, by Jennah Badger, Gabriella Salerno, and Dr. Bob Cisneros (p. 8)
  • History of Pharmacy Advertising, by Andrew Whitley (p. 9)
  • Pharmacy Through the Lens of Hollywood, II: “Handy Andy,” by David M. Baker and Hameed O. Bello (p. 10)

Issue #8 (Spring 2020) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • The American Revolution’s Impact on Pharmacy in America, by Kaitlyn Ledet and Victoria Miller (p. 5)
  • Healing Needles: The History of Acupuncture and a Role for Pharmacists, by Luning Shi and Michael Hegener (p. 6)
  • Factors Influencing Changing Gender Demographics in Maryland Pharmacy from World War II through the 21st Century, by Catherine Botescu, Brittany Botescu, Cynthia Boyle, and James M. Culhane (p. 7)
  • Pharmacy Through the Lens of Hollywood I: “It’s the Old Army Game,” by David M. Baker, Stephen J. Dias, and Eric Nemec II (p. 9)

Issue #7 (Spring 2019) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • The First Pharmacy History APPE Rotation at Colonial Williamsburg, by Edwin B. Kaczenski (p. 4)
  • Using Pharmacy Collectibles in Teaching, by Tony Dasher (p. 5)
  • A Dose of the Dead: The Use of Mummies as Medicine, by Mallory Kara and Michael Hegener (p. 6)
  • Have We Forgotten “The Big C”?, by Susan Smith and Angela Pegram (p. 7)
  • The Forgotten World of Pharmacy in Victorian England, by Andy-kam Lam and Victoria Miller (p. 8)
  • The Rose and Its Thorns: The Historical Use of Toxins in Cosmetics, by Christina M. Donato and David Baker (p. 10)

Issue #6 (Spring 2018) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Promoting Pharmacy History at the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, Wilkes University, by Bridget Conlogue (p. 5)
  • Prohibition Era Medicinal Liquors, by Aniel D. Russo and David Baker (p. 6)

Issue #5 (Fall 2017) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Pharmacists’ Expanding Role in Immunizations: Looking Back 200 Years, by Anusha Sekhar, Nisha Joseph, and Catherine Taglieri (p. 4)
  • Heo Jun (1539–1615 CE)—The Father of Traditional Korean Medicine, by Heesun Kim and David M. Baker (p. 5)
  • Cigarettes for Asthma: The Life Cycle of Cigarette Inhalers, by Michael Hegener (p. 6)
  • Looking Back at Pharmacy and the Kefauver Hearings, by Greg Higby (p. 7)

Issue #4 (Spring 2017) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Capturing the Maryland Pharmacists Association’s History, by Cynthia J. Boyle (p. 3)
  • The History of the History of Pharmacy SIG, 2007–17, by Robert A. Buerki and Greg Higby (p. 4)
  • History of Opioids in America, by Jihae Lim (p. 6)
  • Executive Order 9066 and the Corner Drugstore of the 1940s, by Megan R. Undeberg (p. 7)
  • An Elective Course Focused on Medication Use in the 15th and 16th Centuries, by Terri M. Wensel (p. 8)
  • The University of Findlay and the Good Wall: The Evolution of Medicine, by Dylan Atkins, Kyle Gildow, Deborah Bertlekamp, and Chris Hart (p. 9)

Issue #3 (Spring 2016) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • The Events Upon Which U.S. Pharmacy Schools Established Their Founding Dates, by David M. Baker and Uyen Nguyen (p. 4)
  • In Memoriam—Frances Oldham Kelsey, by Geoffrey Mospan (p. 6)
  • The Pharmacist who Swallowed Strychnine, by Dayne Laskey (p. 8)
  • Recounting the Birth of the Rho Pi Phi Fraternity, by Robert Heyman (p. 9)
  • A Bountiful Harvest: Stories from the Intersection of Native American and Western Medicine, by Nathan Merrow (p. 10)
  • Teaching Pearls: Incorporating Pharmacy History into Required Pharmacy Courses, by Michael Hegener and Catherine A. Taglieri (p. 12)

Issue #2 (Spring 2015) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Cyclical History of U.S Pharmacy School Openings and Closings, by David M. Baker (p. 4)
  • The Medicine Garden: Reminiscent of Pharmacognosy Days, by Dayne Laskey (p. 8)
  • A Rich History of Pharmacy in the Palmetto State, by Amy Joy Yanicak (p. 9)
  • French Pharmacy Tools at the Beginning of the 20th Century, Part II of II, by Jean-Marc Aiache (p. 10)
  • Vitamin A: A Historical Poison in the Most Unlikely Places, by Dayne Laskey (p. 11)
  • Teaching Pearls: An Exercise to Engage Students in the History of Pharmacy, by David M. Baker (p. 12)

Issue #1 (Spring 2014) [Click to download .pdf]

Major Articles:

  • Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of the History of Pharmacy SIG Newsletter, by David M. Baker (p. 1)
  • Pharmacy Education: What Happened to Pharmacognosy? Changing Curriculum with Changing Times, by Michael A. Hegener (p. 4)
  • Teaching Pearls, by Catherine Taglieri (p. 5)
  • Education: Resources from Across the Pond, by Greg Higby (p. 5)
  • The Proof is in the Gunpowder, by Dayne Laskey (P. 6)
  • A Piece of History: 1925 Prohibition Prescription, by Catherine A. Taglieri (p. 7)
  • Collector’s Library: An Initial and Thorough Description of Ingredients of Patent Medicines, Book Review, by Jack E. Fincham (p. 8)
  • Collector’s Library: Pharmacy and Medicine on the Air, Book Review with Editor’s Comments, by Mickey Smith and Ettie Rosenberg (p. 9)
  • A French Pharmacy at the Beginning of the 20th Century, Part I of II, by Jean-Marc Aiache (p. 10)

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