Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy Newsletter

Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy Newsletter coverFrom 2001 to 2007, AIHP published the Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy newsletter. The newsletter was delivered electronically and contained short articles of interest, as well as tips for incorporating historical and other humanistic material into pharmacy Education.

The complete run of Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy newsletter has been digitized. Please use the following tables of contents to explore the many interesting topics covered in the Teaching newsletter.

No. 1 (Fall 2001)

  • “Magic Bullets” in Social Context,Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman
  • Helping Pharmacists Help Patients of Low Literacy, Ann Hilferty
  • Book and Museum Reviews
  • Drug Websites

No. 2 (Spring 2002)

  • Courses and Course Materials: Analyzing Current Issues in Pharmacy Law, Jeanine K. Mount
  • Stories: A Mind-Altering Medium, Ann Hilferty
  • News and Notes

No. 3 (Fall 2002)

  • Courses and Course Materials: HIV-Positive Pregnant Women and Newborns in South Africa” Medical Hope, Moral Risk, Susan E. Herz
  • Format and Process for PPI Exercise, Michael Montagne
  • Book Reviews

No. 4 (Spring 2003)

  • Courses and Course Materials: Using Rare Books to Teach Pharmacy Students About Healing Methods of the Past, Anne Marie Lane
  • Mass Media as Patient Information: Educating Student Pharmacists, Michael Montagne
  • Remedies From Rare Books, Anne Marie Lane

  • No. 5 (Fall 2003)

  • Educational Bibliography – On Placebos: Teaching the Social Aspects of Drug Effects, Michael Montagne
  • Remedies from Rare Books II, Anne Marie Lane

  • No. 6 (Spring 2004)

  • Course Materials: The Policy Analysis Exercise, Ana C. Quinones
  • Remedies From Rare Books III, Anne Marie Lane
  • Notes from Abroad

  • No. 7 (Fall 2004)

  • Course Materials: Assessing Pharmacy Students’ Communication Skills at Their Site, Helen Meldrum
  • Remedies From Rare Books IV, Anne Marie Lane
  • Notes from Abroad

  • No. 8 (Spring 2005)

  • Exploring Drug Experiences from the Perspective of the User, Michael Montagne
  • Remedies From Rare Books V: Native American Materia Medica, Part 1, Anne Marie Lane

  • No. 9 (Fall 2005)

  • Course Materials: Not by Textbooks Alone: A Project for Pharmaceutical Law and Regulation, Josephine C. Babiarz
  • Remedies From Rare Books VI: Native American Materia Medica, Part 2, Anne Marie Lane

  • No. 10 (Fall 2007)

  • Farewell Editoria;: Why Do Student and Practicing Pharmacists Need to Know the Historical and Social Aspects of Drug Use and Their Profession, Michael Montagne
  • Course Materials: Gravestones – Commemorating the Dead, Shirley Stallings
  • Remedies From Rare Books VII: Traditional Remedies for Sick Children, Anne Marie Lane
  • Fostering the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge concerning the history of the pharmaceutical field.
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    AIHP Announces Guidelines on Teaching History in Pharmacy Education

    The Historical Studies Committee of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy announces new  AIHP Guidelines on teaching History in Pharmacy Education to meet the “Standards 2016” of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

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