Pharmacy in History Author Guidelines

Pharmacy in History Guidelines for Authors

Pharmacy in History publishes original scholarly articles about the history of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, broadly defined, including (but not limited to) the history of: pharmacy practice, pharmacy science, pharmacy education, drug regulation, social and cultural aspects of drugs and medicines, the pharmaceutical industry—including the history of pharmaceuticals, drugs, and therapeutics—and facets of the related medical sciences. 

The journal solicits original unpublished scholarly manuscripts (which are not under consideration for publication elsewhere) of no more than 10,000 words (exclusive of footnotes). Manuscripts should include an abstract of no more than 200 words. All submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind peer-review process. The review process may take several months to complete, depending upon the availability and schedules of peer reviewers.

Book reviews are assigned to specialist scholars, and reviews should be 600-800 words for monographs and 800-1,000 words for edited collections. Writers interested in reviewing books for Pharmacy in History should contact the editors ( with information about their areas of expertise.

Authors and publishers desiring Pharmacy in History to reviews their books should send copies of recent publications to the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy, Pharmacy in History, 777 Highland Ave., Madison, WI 53705. 

Download a .pdf version of these complete Guidelines for Authors.

Conflicts of Interest: It is the responsibility of the authors (via the corresponding author) to inform the editors of any institutional or organizational funding they have received for research related to the subject of the manuscript. Authors must also declare any additional financial or personal connections that represent potential conflicts of interest.

Manuscript Composition: Send a copy of the manuscript via email ( to Greg Bond, Senior Editor, Pharmacy in History. The manuscript should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (or similar word processing format). Please do not submit manuscripts as .pdf documents.

Notes should appear at the bottom of the page. Authors are encouraged to submit illustrations, with captions, to be printed with the manuscript. Scans and digital images should be high resolution (at least 300 dpi) .jpg or .tif files in grayscale. If illustrations are copyrighted, authors should obtain clearance as necessary. Complex tables or graphs should be submitted as digital images.

For composition and styles, follow the Chicago Manual of Style.

The first citation of a book or article must include the full name of the author, full title, and place and date of publication, e.g.:

  1. Leslie G. Matthews, History of Pharmacy in Britain (London: E. & S. Livingstone, Ltd., 1962), 57.
  2. Charles E. Rosenberg, “The Therapeutic Revolution,” Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 24 (1980): 241.

Subsequent citations will use the short-title system, e.g.:

  1. Matthews, Pharmacy in Britain, 63.
  2. Rosenberg, “Therapeutic Revolution,” 243.

Website references should include the url and date originally published or date accessed:

  1. “Pharmacy Museum Opens,” American Institute of the History of Pharmacy, accessed 11 June 2008,

Advancing knowledge and understanding of the history of pharmacy and medicines.

AIHP Thanks Members of the National Pharmacy Association Sponsorship program

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AIHP Wants to Document Your COVID-19 Stories and Experiences

AIHP COVID-19 ProjectThe American Institute of the History of Pharmacy is documenting and preserving pharmacy stories and experiences during the COVID-19 global pandemic for the benefit of future historians and scholars. We seek to record the effects of this public health emergency on all types of pharmacy experiences. We invite you to share your pharmacy stories, photos, videos, artifacts, and other documentation of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

You can participate in the AIHP COVID-19 Pandemic Pharmacy Historical Documentation Project either (1) by immediately sharing your thoughts/experiences and/or submitting digital materials or (2) by signifying your to intention to submit materials in the future. Please comply with all applicable local or state stay-at-home orders while self-documenting.

Please click the link below to learn more about participating in the AIHP COVID-19 Pandemic Pharmacy Historical Documentation Project.

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