AIHP PhD Research Support Grant Recipients Since 1985

2023 Maggie Mang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “Between Farm and Pharma: Agricultural Experimental Labs and Histories of Animal Drugs.”

2022 Taylor Dysart, University of Pennsylvania, “The Scientist and the Jaguar: Enchanting Plants and the Politics of Knowledge in the Northwestern Amazon, 1849-2000”

2021 Taylor Serota Bell, University of California, Davis, “Pharmaceutical Austerity and the Mobilization of Social Networks”

2021 Miriam F. Lipton, Oregon State University, “Bacteriophages and Antibiotics:  The History of Cold War Politics of Antibiotic Resistance”

2020 Barbara Di Gennaro, Yale University, “The State Drug: The Politics of Theriac in Early Modern Italy”

2020 Jacob Green, UCLA, “Recreation, Mysticism, and Anesthesia in the 19th Century”

2019 Naomi Rendina, Case Western Reserve University, “Pushing Too Hard: Pharmaceuticals, the FDA, and the Selling of Birth Practices, 1930-1970”

2016  Lauren E. Klaffke, University of Minnesota, “Medicating the Corporate Soul: Employee Relations, Public Relations, and Philanthropy in the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1930-2000”

2014  Kyle Fernandez, Indiana University, “‘No Lady Need Despair:’ Abortion, Pharmaceuticals, and the Regulation of Birth Control Commerce in England and the United States”

2014  Claire Gherini, Johns Hopkins University, “‘Experiment and Good Sense Must Direct You:’ Managing Health Sickness in the British Plantation Enlightenment, 1740-1815”

2011  Benjamin Breen, University of Texas-Austin, “Cures for New Worlds: The Portuguese Tropics and the Origins of the Global Drug Trade, 1640-1750”

2008  Shera Moxley, Carnegie-Mellon University, “Designer Drugs: The Quest for a Rational Therapeutics in the Biotechnology Era, 1973-1997”

2007  Kevin Riley, University of California, Los Angeles, “Drugs, work, and the state: The case of amphetamine use among truck drivers in the 1950’s”

2007  Frederick Gibbs, University of Wisconsin, “Poison, Putrefaction, and Disease: The Natural Philosophy of Poisonous Medicine, 1300-1600”

2006  Roswell Quinn, University of Illinois, “Broader Spectrum: Antibiotics and the ‘American Century'”

2006  Dominque Tobbell, University of Pennsylvania, “Pharmaceutical Networks: The Political Economy of Drug Development in the United States, 1945-1980”

2006  Amy Gregg, Miami University, “A History of the American Vegetable Materia Medica: A Longitudinal Study of Uses in Pharmaco-Therapeutics”

2005  Sally Romano, Harvard University, “The Dark Side of the Sun: Skin Cancer, Sunscreen and Risk in Twentieth-Century America”

2005  Meghana Desai, University of Illinois, Chicago, “The Pharmacy Profession Amidst the Evolution of group Practice and Prepayment Systems in the United States”

2005  Brenda Gardenour, Boston University, “Medicine and Miracle: The Conjunction of Healing Practices and the Dissemination of Greco-Arabic Medicine in Christian Iberia, 11th to 13th Centuries”

2005  Adam Jacobs, University of Wisconsin, “Up in Smoke: The Disappearance of Marijuana Decriminalization, 1975-1979”

2004  Howard Padwa, University of California, Los Angeles, “The Emergence of French Drug Policy, 1870-1940”

2003  Jeremy Greene, Harvard University, “Attention to ‘Details:’ Medicine, Marketing and the Pharmaceutical Representative”

2003  Holly Grout, University of Wisconsin, “‘Skin Deep’? Cosmetics Remaking the Faces of France, 1890-1970”

2003  Alisha Rankin, Harvard University, “Household Remedies of Expert Cures?: Boblewomen and Medical Recipes in Sixteenth-Century Germany”

2002  Jeremy Greene, Harvard University, “Attention to ‘Details:’ Medicine, Marketing and the Pharmaceutical Representative”

2001  Sarah Lawrence, Pennsylvania State University, “On Their Own Terms: Birth Control and African Americans in 1930’s Rural Virginia”

2001  Eric Vettel, University of Virginia, “Power and Persuasion: The Historical Origin and Evolution of the Biotechnology Industry”

2001  David Hillman, University of Wisconsin, “The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bacterial Infections in Antiquity”

2001  David Herzberg, University of Wisconsin, “From Miltown to Prozac: Minor Tranquilizers, Antidepressants and American Selfhood in the Postwar Era”

1999  Sandra Fabregas, University of Puerto Rico, “Pharmacy History in Puerto Rico and its Social Impact in the 19th Century”

1999  Richard Parrish University of Minnesota, “Cultural Origins of Drug Therapy Legislation: How Government Became the Arbiter of Pharmaceutical Fact”

1999  Corey Hollis, University of California Los Angles, “Alchemical Communities and the Scientific Revolution in Early Modern England: The Networks of Robert Fludd and Henry Percy”

1998  David Serlin, New York University, “Civic Biology: Imagining the American Body through Medical Science 1945-65”

1998  Carla Keirns, University of Pennsylvania, “Short of Breath: A Social and Intellectual History of Asthma in 20th Century America”

1997  Rosemarie Holz, University of Illinois, “The Birth Control Clinic: Women, Planned Parenthood, and the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1930-1974”

1997  Michael Dorn, University of Kentucky, “The Moral Topography of Intemperance: Professional Power and Medico-Geographic Knowledge in the Ohio Valley, 1800-1850”

1997  Mary Indritz, University of Minnesota, “A Rhetorical Perspective of the Pharmacy”

1997  Karen Flint, University of California, Los Angeles, “African Herbalists in KwaZulu Natal from 1876 to 1940”

1997  George Hummel, University of Connecticut, “The Exorcism Manuals of Girolamo Mehghi”

1996  Margaret Harper, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Renaissance Cures: Short Narrative Prose and Medicine to Montaigne”

1996  Gwen Kay, Yale University, “Regulating Beauty: Cosmetics in American Culture for the 1906 Food and Drugs Act to the 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act”

1996  Arthur Daemmrich, Cornell University, “Pharmaceutical Regulation: The Science and Policies of Health in Germany and the U.S.”

1995   Patricia A. Rosales, Harvard University, “A History of Hypodermic Syringes in the United States, 1850s-1940s”

1995  Michelle Anne Laughran, University of Connecticut, “The Culture and Technologies of Health and Medicine in Sixteenth-Century Venice”

1995  Kristy Wilson, University of Arizona, “Medicine and Society in Sixteenth-Century Seville”

1995  Gwen Kay, Yale University, “Regulating Beauty: Cosmetics in American Culture for the 1906 Food and Drugs Act to the 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act”

1994  Mara Laura Keire, Johns Hopkins University, “Regulation of Vice in the United States, 1890-1930”

1994  Julia Rechter, University of California-Berkeley, “The Glands of Destiny: The Development and Popularization of Sex Hormone Theory and Therapy in Interwar America”

1994  Andrea Balis, Baruch College, “The Age of ‘Miracle’ Medicine: A Social History of Sulfa Drugs in the United States, 1936-1941”

1993  Mary E. Folkemer, West Virginia University, “Pharmacy Museums and Displays, Private Collections, and Archival Materials of Pharmaceutical Companies in the United States”

1993  Jennifer K. Stine, Stanford University, “Popular Physic: A Cultural Study of Household Medicinal Preparations in England, 1580-1720”

1993  Barbara Troetel, City University of New York, “Three-Part Disharmony: The Transformation of the FDA in the 1970s”

1993  Walton O. Shalick, III, Johns Hopkins University, “Jean de Saint-Armand and the Development of Medical Pharmacology in Late Thirteenth-Century Paris”

1992  William B. McAllister, University of Virginia, “The History of the International Efforts to Control Licit and Illicit Drugs”

1992  Marcia L. Meldrum, State University of New York, “The History of the Randomized Clinical Trial”

1992  Elizabeth E. Hunt University of Pennsylvania, “Out of the Mouth of Babes: Making and Marketing Crest Toothpaste”

1991  Mark Rogers, University of Chicago, “Shamanism and Ethnicity in Contemporary Ecuador”

1991  Kyenghee Kwon, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, “Independent Pharmacy Closures”

1991  Caroline J. Acker, University of California at San Francisco, “Addiction and the Laboratory: Medicinal and Scientific Explanations of Opiate Addiction in the 1920s and 1930s”

1991  Thomas J. Wolfe, University of Wisconsin, “The Thomsonians: Medicine, Religion, and Popular Culture in Antebellum America”

1990  Susan L. Speaker, University of Pennsylvania, “Patients, Physicians and Psychotropic Drugs in America, 1950-1985”

1990  Jon M. Harkness, University of Wisconsin, Department of the History of Science, “Inmates and Experiments: A History of Non-therapeutic Medical Research on American Prisoners”

1989  Angeline M. Carlson, University of Minnesota, Department of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, “Occupational Following Patterns in Pharmacy”

1988  Renee M. Courey, University of California at Berkeley, “The Virgin, the Dynamo, and the Improper Arts: American Industry and the Development of the Oral Contraceptive, 1935-1970”

1987  Paula Findlen, University of California at Berkeley, “Natural History Museums in Early Modern Italy (1550-1750)”

1987  Michael R. Harris, Smithsonian Institution, Division of Medical Sciences, “Homeopathic Pharmacy”

1987  Jole R. Shackelford, “Kringsja Student by, Paracelsian Medical Thought in the 16th & 17th century Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway”

1986  Bradley C. Lenz, University of Kansas, Department of History, “The Role of the Mandragora Plant in Imperial Egypt”

1986  Alesia Maltz, University of Illinois, History Department, “The History of Vitamins”

1986  Lyle Lee Anderson, University of Iowa, “The Politics of Pharmaceutical Specialization: Iowa as a Case Study”

1986  Claudia Clark, Rutgers University, “The Radium Girls: Occupational Health & the Industrial Hygiene Movement in America, 1910-1935”

1985  Ronald Sawyer, University of Wisconsin, History of Science Department, “Health, Disease, and Medicine in the Southeast Midlands, 1597-1634”

1985  David P. Adams, University of Florida, Department of History, “Penicillin Allocation and the American Homefront: 1941-1945”

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