Digitized AIHP Publications

The following publications by The American Institute of the History of Pharmacy have been digitized and are freely available for use by researchers. AIHP continues to hold the copyright for these publications and makes them available under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives License.

The History of Pharmacy: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, Gregory J. Higby and Elaine C. Stroud, editors, Garland Reference Library of the Humanities vol. 1366 (New York: Garland Publishing, 1995)

“The Guidelines for including selections in this bibliography revolve around its intended use. The History of Pharmacy [bibliography] is designed for graduate students and teachers of the history of pharmacy, scholars in related fields who want an introduction to the field, and researchers in the history of pharmacy who would like to explore the literature for an area other than their own. In other words, this is intended as a selective guide to the secondary literature. The reader should expect to find a broad overview of the literature that emphasizes the most important and essential works.”

-Introduction to The History of Pharmacy: A Selected Annotated Bibliography

A Guide to Pharmacy Museums and Historical Collections in the United States and Canada, George Griffenhagen, Ernst W. Steib, Beth D. Fisher, (Madison, WI: AIHP, 1999).

“This revised Guidebook has been arranged in the following order: Museums in the United States are describe in monographs listed in alphabetical order by stats (including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands) and then alphabetically by city. These are followed by monographs of Canadian museums in alphabetical order by province and then by city… The co-authors hope that this guidebook will prove to be as useful as its predecessors, and believe the reader/user will discover—as previously suggested by Glenn Sonnedecker—that the “apothecary’s lore linked to the nostalgic, the curious, and the beautiful, appeals as strongly to the layman as it does to the pharmacist.”

Historical Hobbies for the Pharmacist, Gregory J. Higby and Elaine C. Stroud, editors (Madison: AIHP, 1994).

“This booklet contains the proceedings of 1993 symposium in Dallas, Texas, sponsored by the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy. The session was organized and chaired by George Griffenhagen. This was the second symposium on the subject; the first was held in 1973 and led to the publication of the first edition of Historical Hobbies in 1974.

This wholly revised book covers some of the same areas most interesting to pharmacist-hobbyists: stamps, ephemera, artifacts, antiques, and books. It begins with an essay by the award-winning historian, James Harvey Young, who comments on his long avocation as a collector of pharmaco-historical items. According to Young, pharmacy collectibles “can quicken the heart with the thrill of the chase and can inform the brain, adding new dimensions of knowledge and perspective.” We are sure that this book will be a fine starting point for anyone interested in pursuing the broad spectrum of pharmacy’s historical hobbies.

Apothecary’s Cabinet
From 2000 to 2006, AIHP published Apothecary’s Cabinet, which featured shorter articles on pharmaco-historical topics for students and other non-specialists. Apothecary’s Cabinet contains introductory and explanatory articles by some of the leading historians of American pharmacy, including David Cowen, William Helfand, and many others.

The complete run of Apothecary’s Cabinet has been digitized.


Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy Newsletter cover
Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy newsletter
From 2001 to 2007, AIHP published the Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy newsletter. The newsletter was delivered electronically and contained short articles of interest, as well as tips for incorporating historical and other humanistic material into pharmacy Education.

The complete run of Teaching the History and Social Aspects of Pharmacy newsletter has been digitized.

Pharmacy in History
All past issues of Pharmacy in History have been digitized and are text-searchable at JSTOR. Past issues, starting in 1959, are available and text-searchable. Many libraries provide access to JSTOR; or readers can purchase individual articles from JSTOR.

AIHP Individual members at the Contributor level or above receive complimentary access to the Pharmacy in History JSTOR archive. Individual members joining at the regular level can purchase access to the Pharmacy in History JSTOR archive for an additional $10 per year.

For Libraries, Museums, and Institutional subscribers the historical archive of Pharmacy in History (with a three-year embargo) is available through JSTOR’s Arts and Sciences X Collection. Recent issues of Pharmacy in History (within the last three years) are available through JSTOR’s current scholarship program. Institutional subscribers must contact AIHP directly to arrange for access to recent issues of Pharmacy in History at JSTOR.

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AIHP Notes Cover
AIHP Notes is an occasional publication of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy with news for about members. Recent issues of AIHP Notes have been digitized are available for download.


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All past issues of Pharmacy in History have been digitized and are text-searchable at JSTOR.

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Sawyer Wins 2016 Sonnedecker Prize

AIHP is pleased to announce that Laura Phillips Sawyer, assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, has been selected to receive the 2016 Glenn Sonnedecker Prize for her article, “California Fair Trade: Antitrust and the Politics of ‘Fairness’ in U.S. Competition Policy.”

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