The Inside Story of Medicines: A Symposium

The Inside Story of Medicines: A Symposium

Editor: Gregory J. Higby and Elaine C. Stroud, eds.
Publisher: American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
Year Published: 1997
Pages: 304
ISBN: (paper) 0931292-32-8, ISBN (cloth) 0931292-31-X
AIHP#: (paper) BKS41, (cloth) BKS42
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The symposium “Medicines: The Inside Story.” Held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Carter Center on March 28-29, 1996, was the fourth and final part of an innovative project about medicines. The core of the Medicines: The Inside Story project is an interactive 4,000 square foot exhibition that travels the country presenting to several million people the in-depth messages of the project. In addition to the traveling exhibit, a second part of the project is a planetarium show called “InnerSpace” that employs a unique form for visitors o learn about medicines and how they work in the body. A High school education program brings the visuals, interactives, and messages of the exhibition and planetarium show into the American classroom.

The Inside Stories of Medicines: A Symposium presents the thinking and work of scholars, historians, health administrators, and the CEO of one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world, who participated in the symposium in 1996. These authors actively contributed to other segments of the Medicines project, and they were asked to present here a view of their discipline as it relates to medicines, giving the reader an overview as well as a view to the future. Periodically we need to asses where we are in the quest for medicines, and the cure of disease and suffering.

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction of Keynote Speaker, Robert A. Ingram

5: Medicines in American Society – A Personal View, C. Everett Koop

Section 1. The History of Therapeutics

15: Old Drugs, Old and New History, John M. Riddle

31: The Therapeutic Crisis of the Eighteenth Century, J. Worth Estes

51: The Road to Twentieth-Century Therapeutics: Shifting Perspectives and Approaches, Guenter B. Risse

Section 2. Case Studies of Drug Discovery

77: Alkaloids to Arsenicals: Systematic Drug Discovery Before the First World War, John Parascandola

93: The Discovery of Insulin: The Inside Story, Michael Bliss

101: M&B 693 (Sulfapyridine), John E. Lesch

121: The Introduction of the Thiazides: A Case Study in Twentieth-Century Therapeutics, Robert M. Kaiser

139: Planning and Serendipity in the Search for a Nonaddicting Opiate Analgesic, Caroline Jean Acker

Section 3. The Disciplines of Medicine Making

161: The Recent History of Pharmacognosy, Varro E. Tyler

171: Pharmacology: Current and Future Trends, George A. Condouris

185: Current and Future Trends in Medicinal Chemistry, John A. Montgomery

195: Recent Trends and the Future of Pharmaceutics, George Zografi

201: Clinical Testing: New Developments and Old Problems, Mark Parascandola

Section 4. From Medicines to Market and Patient

217: Recent Trends in Drug Development, Louis Lasagna

223: Sure Cure: Public Policy on Drug Efficacy before 1962, John P. Swann

263: Historical Perspectives on the Marketing of Medicines, Mickey Smith

277: Physician-Pharmacist-Patient Interaction, PaulL. Ranelli

287: The Global Impact of Medicines, William H. Foege

297: Concluding Remarks, Gregory J. Higby

Advancing knowledge and understanding of the history of pharmacy and medicines.

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