Folklore and Folk Medicines

Folklore and Folk Medicines

Editor: John Scarborough, eds.
Publisher: American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
Year Published: 1987
Pages: 122
ISBN: 0-931292-19-0
Series: AIHP Monograph Series #10
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About: Symposium presented at the March 1986 American Institute of the History of Pharmacy Annual Meeting held in San Francisco, California.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction, by John Scarborough (page 1)
  • Medieval Herbalism and Post-Medieval Folk Medicine, by Jerry Stannard (page 10)
  • Adaption of Folk Medicine in the Formal Materia Medica of Classical Antiquity, by John Scarborough (page 21)
  • Folk Tradition and Folk Medicine: Recognition of Drugs in Classical Antiquity, by John M. Riddle (page 33)
  • The Search for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Authority in the Early American Healer’s Encounter with ‘The Animals which Inhabit the Human Stomach and Intestines,” by Eric Howard Christianson (page 62)
  • The Folk Medicine of the Pennsylvania Dutch, by David L. Cowen (page 86)
  • Some Potentially Useful Drugs Identified in a Study of Indiana Folk Medicine, by Varro E. Tyler (page 98)
  • Folklore and Medicines-Medical Interfaces: A Kaleidoscope and Challenge, by John K. Crellin (page 110)
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