A Selection of Primary Sources for the History of Pharmacy in the United States: Books and Trade Catalogs from the Colonial Period to 1940

A Selection of Primary Sources for the History of Pharmacy in the United States: Books and Trade Catalogs from the Colonial Period to 1940

Editor: Nydia M. King, eds.
Publisher: American Institute of the History of Pharmacy
Year Published: 1987
Pages: 123
ISBN: 0-931292-16-6
Series: AIHP Monograph Series #9
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The literature of pharmacy mirrors, however imperfectly, the state of the profession at a given time. The bedrock of this literature consists of the volumes that helped to guide pharmaceutical studies and activities in their time and that now serve as primary sources for the history of pharmacy. The booklet I have prepared characterizes the content and the authors of eighty-nine volumes selected as representative of various categories and periods of American pharmaceutical literature. These works either were written and published in the United States or were reprinted here from European works (sometimes modified to suit American conditions, sometimes not). They offer us a first-hand glimpse of the state of knowledge and practice in cross-sections of history, ranging from Colonial times to 1940. The 1940 terminus is not entirely arbitrary: It was a time of renewal in American pharmaceutical literature, turning on striking changes in the level of pharmaceutical science and increasing specialization of literature. Moreover, a majority of the works published since then are still in print or at least readily available in libraries.

In contrast, all of the works here discussed are out of print and hard to find. Therefore my purpose has been not only to provide a highly selective guide to representative sources but to define the scope of a project of facsimile editions—an objective set by the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy—which will make the content of these volumes widely available once more. The choice of titles was bound to be somewhat arbitrary. The main objective has been to represent or typify various types of pharmaceutical literature, whether imposing pharmacopoeias or modest trade catalogs. There was no over-riding concern to select always the “milestone” or “pioneering” works in the service of pharmacy. First editions have been cited except when a later edition was appropriate to help represent a later period, or was appropriate for another reason cited in the following essays.

Table of Contents:

Part One: Categorical List of Selected Works with Descriptive Essays

1: A – Dispensatories

8: B – Pharmacopoeias and Formularies

24: C – Textbooks and Reference Books

24: Pharmacy

36: Matera Medica, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics

61: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

66: Law and Regulations

72: Other Books: Proceedings, Surveys, Yearbooks, Studies

83: D – Trade Catalog

91: Part Two: Chronological List of Works by Publication Dates

107: Part Three: Alphabetical List of Works by Authors

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