Employment Opportunity – AIHP Administrative Director Position

The American Institute of the History of Pharmacy is hiring an Administrative Director. This new position was created as part of the succession plan related to the December 2018 retirement of the Executive Director of the Institute. The Administrative Director position is budgeted for a maximum of 32 hours/week (80% FTE) and begins in January 2018. Upon satisfactory performance in the position, the Administrative Director will be advanced to the position of Executive Director, beginning in January 2019. The Administrative Director position then will be discontinued. The Executive Director position is full time (40 hours/week) and reports to the AIHP Board of Directors.

Download the complete job description (PDF).

Institute Overview

AIHP is a national historical and membership nonprofit association [501(c)3] based at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (a smoke-free campus). Its mission is to foster the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge concerning the history of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical field. It pursues this mission through publications, conferences, maintaining an historical archive, providing teaching resources, recognizing outstanding historical scholarship, and serving as an information resource for scholars, journalists, and others. The Institute has a staff of four (including the new Administrative Director position) and dues-paying membership of 600 persons. The Board of Directors has made strategic commitments to membership growth, enhanced communications, and expanded volunteer engagement in new initiatives that contribute to the Institute’s mission.

Key Responsibilities of the Administrative Director

  1. Refine and maintain efficient and timely operational procedures.
  2. Supervise two staff members.
  3. Refine and administer an effective process for membership development.
  4. Develop and maintain regular communications with AIHP members.
  5. Explore and develop prospects for fundraising and grants.
  6. Maintain a vibrant AIHP Web site.
  7. Manage stewardship of the Institute’s archival collection.
  8. Support the current Executive Director and the future George Urdang Professor (a position on the faculty of the UW School of Pharmacy) in their Institute-related scholarly activities.
  9. Coordinate Board of Directors meetings, the annual membership meeting, and related governance processes.
  10. Support the Treasurer in budget preparation and financial oversight.
  11. Stimulate creation of new initiatives in the history of pharmacy.
  12. Coordinate volunteer activities.
  13. Cultivate external relationships that contribute to the success of the Institute.
  14. Travel with the Executive Director to at least one out-of-state pharmacy history or professional pharmacy association conference.

Skills and Qualifications Essential

  1. Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Demonstrated ability to manage efficient and effective office procedures.
  3. Demonstrated ability to motivate and effectively supervise staff members.
  4. Demonstrated ability in project management.
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  6. Basic understanding of financial accounting.


  1. Management experience with a nonprofit association.
  2. Postgraduate courses in management and administration.
  3. Experience in association membership recruitment and retention.
  4. Experience in publishing operations.
  5. Experience in managing committee and volunteer activities.
  6. Experience in fundraising and grant writing.
  7. Interest in history.


AIHP Executive Director

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary range of $40,000 – $50,000 per annum (for 32-hour workweek).
  • Accrual of two week’s paid vacation.
  • Defined contribution retirement plan.

Application Procedure

Submit letter of application, three references, and résumé by Oct. 2, 2017, to:

Gregory J. Higby, Ph.D., Executive Director
American Institute of the History of Pharmacy

Fostering the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge concerning the history of the pharmaceutical field.

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