George Urdang (1882-1960): Images from His Life and Work

George Urdang (1882-1960): Images from His Life and Work

Author: Holger Goetzendorff
Publisher: Buchdruckerei des Waisenhauses in den Franckeschen Stiftungen
Year Published: 2000
Pages: 128
Series: AIHP Monograph Series #21
Price: $20.00 ($12.00 for members)

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Introduction: This work tries to support the interest in the history of pharmacy of a certain period of time by illustrations that were not seen before in their entirety and this connection… This illustrations in this book try to create a three-dimensional pictures pf Urdang’s time. The visualization of that period of this history of pharmacy using modern media could increase the appeal of the history of pharmacy.

Table of Contents:

3: Foreword, by Glenn Sonnedecker

5: Introduction

5: Urdang seen by H. George Wolfe

7: Urdang Nowadays

8: A Survey of Urdang’s Work

22: Urdang’s Curriculum Vitae

24: German Translation

44: Illustrations

45: Chapter I – The Pharmacist

61: Chapter II – The Editor

91: Chapter III – The Emigrant

127: Chapter IV – The Professor

145: Chapter V – The Supervisor

187: Chapter VI – The Successors

218: Particulars and Autographs

236: Plates

247: Index

255: Bibliography

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