Certificate of Commendation

This certificate, granted both to individuals and to organizations, recognizes those who contribute significantly to the understanding and development of pharmacy through any type of historical project or program in local or regional history. Several Certificates of Commendation may be authorized in a given year if the candidates have attained an appropriate quality and distinctiveness of achievement. Historical writing is one of many types of historical activity eligible for consideration, whereas distinguished historical writing is the sole basis for eligibility for the Urdang Medal and the Kremers Award.

Nomination Form: The Certificate of Commendation Nomination Form (.pdf)  may be completed by anyone. If additional copies of a form are needed, duplicates are acceptable. The forms are intentionally brief, and limited to the essential information directly related to the purpose for which an award has been authorized. (Extended biographical information or testimonial statements are not solicited, since the AIHP does not presently have an award recognizing accumulated career contributions.)

Deadline: Completed nomination forms may be submitted an any time, but must be received before May 1 for the 2017 competition. Nominations received thereafter will be considered in the following year’s competition.

Nomination Forms Automatically Renewed: Unsuccessful candidates will also be considered in two subsequent years. Eventually an unsuccessful candidate will be either dropped from consideration or transferred to an award category where the prospect may be more promising.

Submissions: Please submit the completed nomination form and copies of the nominated publication(s) to: American Institute of the History of Pharmacy, 777 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI  53705.

Fostering the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge concerning the history of the pharmaceutical field.

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Sawyer Wins 2016 Sonnedecker Prize

AIHP is pleased to announce that Laura Phillips Sawyer, assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, has been selected to receive the 2016 Glenn Sonnedecker Prize for her article, “California Fair Trade: Antitrust and the Politics of ‘Fairness’ in U.S. Competition Policy.”

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